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Logitech MX Vertical is an advanced ergonomic computer mouse that combines science-driven design with the elevated performance of Logitech’s MX series.


MX Vertical. Ergonomics Elevated.

Rise above discomfort with an advanced science-driven mouse designed to reduce muscle strain and wrist pressure, improve posture*, and bring you the elevated performance of Logitech’s MX series.


Natural handshake position

MX Vertical’s natural handshake position reduces muscular strain by 10 percent* and promotes a more ergonomic posture.


57° vertical angle for improved wrist posture

MX Vertical’s unique 57° vertical angle reduces the pressure on your wrist*, while your thumb is positioned comfortably on the thumb rest.


User tested. Ergonomist-driven.

MX Vertical was designed and tested to meet the criteria set out by leading ergonomists – improving posture, lowering muscle strain, and reducing wrist pressure.

Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

SKU: LOM-MO7898-8889

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